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Miss Ward's Class

Welcome to Miss Ward’s First Grade Class!

Lesson Plan Focus for: January 25th- January 29nd

Announcements: Fundraiser Sale Friday! 

Phonics:  Magic e; Spelling words: Eve, bone, cute, joke, home, Pete, dude, mute, zone, pole. Sentence: Hide the kite at home.

Phonemic Awareness:  Rhyming/Syllables; Onset & Rime

Writing:  Sentence Rules/Phonics first dictation; Read Aloud Prompts; Verbs

Math: Chapter 4 Test Friday, January 29th! 

Science/S.S.:  Healthy Habits

Google Classroom Code: 6w3phxf 

My conference period is M-F, 9:05-9:40.  If you need to schedule a conference, please call 889-5146.


Abbey Ward

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