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Accelerated Reader Program

Perryville Elementary Accelerated Reader Program



For the 2023-2024 school year, the Accelerated Reader program will be goal and points earned oriented. Each student will read and test independently to earn points and the incentive activities.  Each student’s goal will be set based on his or her reading level as determined by test results and teacher assessment.  The suggested reading level range is the reading level range from which the student should be selecting books for optimal growth in reading.  


Grade Level Point Goal for Goal Period
2 10.0
3 15.0
4 15.0
5 20.0
6 20.0


There will be 4 reading goal periods for second through sixth grade students.  Students who reach their goal with 80% accuracy or better will be eligible for the incentive activities.

1st goal period: August 30-October 14

2nd goal period: October 18-December 9

3rd goal period: January 10-March 3

4th goal period: March 7-April 28


All students will have some time to read at school; however, additional reading at home is necessary in order to earn points and achieve goals.  Students must pass Accelerated Reader tests to earn points.  Students must take all AR tests to earn points on or before the last day of the goal period.  Students will not be allowed to “carry over” points for the next reading goal period.  Each student will read and test independently to earn points and the incentive activities.  Students will not be permitted to take AR tests on books used as part of the grade-level curriculum.  Student’s point levels are subject to change throughout the school year. 


*Any student who chooses to cheat or be dishonest on the AR incentive program will lose ALL points and any other incentives for that reading goal period. If a student is placed in ISS for any reason during the goal period, they will not be eligible to attend the goal activity for that goal period.  A student’s eligibility for incentive activities may result in teacher/administration discretion if classroom behavior is not appropriate.

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