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2022-2023 Wrestling Schedule

              Wrestling Schedule 2022-2023 season

Date Location Time Teams
Dec 6 Episcopal 5:00 pm Perryville, Sheridan, Lonoke
Dec 13 Gentry 6:00 pm Gentry, Berryville, Gravette, Perryville
Dec 16 Perryville 5:30 pm LR Christian Academy, Pottsville, Subiaco, Perryville
Dec 17 Maumelle 10:00 am Tournament
Dec 21 Lonoke 9:00 am Tournament
Jan 7 Main Event Gravette 9:00 am Tournament
Jan 10 Subiaco 6:00 pm Subiaco, Perryville
Jan 12 Lonoke 5:30 pm Lonoke, Batesville Southside, Perryville
Jan 13 Perryville 5:00 pm Maumelle Charter, Perryville
Jan 19 Acorn 6:00 pm Acorn, Perryville, Lakeside
Jan 21 Pulaski Academy TBA Tournament
Jan 26 Perryville 5:30 pm Lonoke, Dover, Perryville
Feb 2  Lonoke 5:30 pm Batesville Southside, CAC, Perryville
Feb 11 HarBer TBA Girls Regional Qualifier
Feb 18 Lake Hamilton TBA Conference Tournament
Feb 24, 25 Little Rock TBA State Tournament


There may be some changes to the dates and events based on outside circumstances. 

We do have a couple open dates that we may be able to pick up a match or two as well.