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Story Questions


Chapter 1

  1. How do Jack and Annie travel to places mentioned in the books?
  2. What are Jack and Annie supposed to do with their secret library cards?
  3. How might the children be saved in their time of greatest danger? 
  4. What happens after Jack and Annie make their wish?

Chapter 2

  1. Where in Greece does the magic tree house land?
  2. What major event is taking place in this part of Greece?
  3. Why does Annie think that Greek theatre isn’t fair?
  4. What does Annie think is odd about the “woman” onstage?

Chapter 3

  1. Who is the bearded man Jack and Annie meet?
  2. Why do the children show Plato their secret library cards?
  3. Why is the poet delighted to see Annie?
  4. What secret does Plato tell the children?

Chapter 4

  1. How did the woman poet learn to read and write in ancient Greece?
  2. Why does the poet have to be anonymous? 
  3. Why does the woman give her story to Jack and Annie?
  4. Why can’t Annie go with Plato and Jack to the Olympic games?

Chapter 5

  1. Why is Jack happy to learn that he will see a chariot race?
  2. Why do winners of Olympic Games wear crowns of olive branches?
  3. Why is there a statue of Nike at the place where the Olympic Games are held?
  4. Why is the statue of Zeus the largest and most important statue at the Olympics?

Chapter 6

  1. What athletes does Jack see marching in the Olympic parade?
  2. How does Annie surprise Jack at the Olympic Games? 
  3. Compare the Ancient Olympics to modern day Olympics.  (Give 2 similarities)

Chapter 7

  1. Why does Jack shake his head and point his finger at Annie?
  2. Why do people begin to stare at the small soldier?
  3. How does the crowd find out that the little soldier is really a girl?
  4. Do you think Annie was foolish to go the Olypmics?  Why? 

Chapter 8

  1. How does Jack try to help Annie?
  2. What does the crowd want the guards to do?
  3. Why does Jack finally hold up the scroll to the sky?
  4. What suddenly comes to rescue Jack and Annie?

Chapter 9

  1. What do Annie and Jack do when they see the white horse?
  2. How does the horse get away from the soldiers and other chariots?
  3. Where does the horse take the children?
  4. Why is Annie sad when she gets back to the tree house?
  5. How do Jack and Annie get back to Pennsylvania?

Chapter 10

  1. What story have the children brought back to Morgan?
  2. What does Morgan show the children in the nighttime sky?
  3. What do you think Morgan Le Fay meant when she said, “The old stories are always with us. We are never alone?”