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Story Questions

Chapter 1

  1. Who are the Kemps?
  2. Where is Howie’s rich uncle coming from?
  3. Where does Ramona’s father work?
  4. What made Ramona angry with Uncle Hobart?
  5. Did Ramona want Howie to learn how to ride the unicycle?  Why?
  6. How did Ramona feel when Uncle Hobart arrived? 

Chapter 2

  1. Why is Uncle Hobart referred to as “Old Moneybags”?
  2. What reason does Ramona give for refusing to go back to the Kemps’ house?
  3. Why is Ramona unsure about Beezus being put in charge of watching her after school?
  4. What makes Ramona feel better about herself and the whole Kemp situation?
  5. Why isn’t Beezus talking to Pamela? 

Chapter 3

  1. How is Ramona’s home different from Howie’s home after school?
  2. Why are Ramona and Beezus trying extra hard to be good? 
  3. What is the name of the street Ramona lives on?
  4. What does Ramona do that upsets Beezus?
  5. How does Ramona hurt her knee?

Chapter 4

  1. What does Beezus find in the basement?
  2. Why do the sisters decide to bury the cat on their own?
  3. Why do Beezus and Ramona have to confess what they did?
  4. How do the girls find out that their mother is really pregnant?
  5. When is the baby due?

Chapter 5

  1. What event has brought Ramona and Beezus closer together?
  2. What trend/fad does Ramona try to start at school?
  3. What name do they temporarily give to the baby?
  4. What does Ramona want to discuss with her mother when they go for a walk?
  5. What job is offered to Mr. Quimby?

Chapter 6

  1. Why does Willa Jean call Ramona?
  2. Why does Ramona begin to think that Uncle Hobart is Aunt Bea’s new boyfriend?
  3. What surprise announcement does Uncle Hobart share with everyone at dinner?
  4. Who will be in Aunt Bea and Uncle Hobart’s wedding?

Chapter 7

  1. How does Howie feel about being a ring bearer in the wedding?
  2. Where does Uncle Hobart take Ramona, Beezus, Howie, and Willa Jean?
  3. How do you think Ramona feels about the wedding once they buy the dresses?
  4. What impresses Ramona and Beezus the most on their shopping trip?

Chapter 8

  1. Why has the Quimby household become more chaotic?
  2. Who gives Aunt Bea a wedding shower?
  3. Why does Grandpa Day prefer to sleep in a motel?
  4. What happens that nearly causes Uncle Hobart and Aunt Bea to call off the wedding?

Chapter 9

  1. Why does Ramona put scotch tape on her dress?
  2. What is wrong with Ramona’s slippers?
  3. What surprise does Grandpa Day bring with him when he arrives at the Quimby’s house?
  4. What does Beezus do with her and Ramona’s slippers?
  5. How does Ramona save the day?
  6. How did Aunt Bea’s class behave at the wedding?

Chapter 10

  1.  Why isn’t Ramona allowed to see the baby?
  2. Why does the woman move away from Ramona when Ramona is waiting in the hospital?
  3. Does the prescription solve Ramona’s problem?
  4. How does receiving attention cure Ramona?
  5. How has Ramona changed her thinking about a new little brother or sister?