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Story Questions

Sarah, Plain & Tall

Chapter 1 Story Questions

  1. Why didn’t Papa sing anymore?
  2. What does Anna think is the worst thing about Caleb?
  3. What is the setting of this story? 
  4. Explain why “tears came” to Anna eyes?
  5. What does Papa think might be a way to remember the old songs?‚Äč

 Chapter 2 Story Questions

  1. Where does Sarah live?  What did you learn about Sarah’s home from her letters?
  2. How do Anna and Caleb feel about Sarah? Why?
  3. Who is Seal?
  4. What did Sarah write at the end of her letter to Jacob in chapter 2?
  5. What have we learned about Sarah so far?  Write a few sentences describing Sarah.

 Chapter 3 Story Questions

  1. “Sarah came in the spring” is the 1st sentence in chapter 3.  What do you think Sarah will see in a prairie spring?
  2. How can you tell that the day in chapter 3 is a special day?
  3. What did Sarah bring to show Caleb and Anna the sea?
  4. What was the look that Anna noticed which concerned her?
  5. What is loneliness?
  6. How old do you think Anna is?  Why?
  7. Where do you think Seal will live?  Why?

 Chapter 4 Story Questions

  1. Who do you think Sarah will love first?
  2. What was Sarah’s prized collection?
  3. Caleb wants Sarah to stay.  He notices signs and clues that make him think she might stay.  What are some of the clues he notices?
  4. What does “ayuh” mean?
  5. What singing is there in chapter 4?
  6. What have we learned about Anna?  Write a few sentences describing Anna.  

 Chapter 5 Story Questions

  1. Why would Sarah begin to smile?
  2. What does Jacob find as a dune?
  3. Why is it important to Caleb that Sarah says “our dune”?
  4. Write a few sentences describing Caleb.

 Chapter 6 Story Questions

  1. “The days grew longer.”  When are the days longer? 
  2. How do Caleb and Anna describe the winter?
  3. How do those in Maine and on the prairie care for animals in winter?
  4. What happens in the cow pond?

 Chapter 7 Story Questions

  1. What season is it?
  2. Who are Matthew and Maggie? 
  3. Why did Sarah’s eyes fill with tears?
  4. Was Anna right about the chickens?  How do you know?
  5. How does Papa show he likes Sarah?

 Chapter 8 Story Questions

  1. Why has Caleb been worried throughout the book? 
  2. Why do you think Sarah wants to learn how to ride Jack?
  3. What is Caleb’s reaction to Sarah’s request to learn to ride?
  4. What does the family do to prepare for the storm? 
  5. What did they see after the storm?  How did Anna describe what they saw?

 Chapter 9 Story Questions

  1. What are some of Caleb’s suggestions to keep Sarah with them?
  2. Why did Sarah kiss them all when she went on her first solo wagon trip to town?
  3. Anna compares Sarah going to town in the wagon to the day the wagon took her mother away.  Compare and contrast the two departures.
  4. Why does Sarah go to town?
  5. Why do you think the author used italics for the last two paragraphs?