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Welcome to Mrs. West’s First Grade Class 


Welcome to First Grade!  We are going to have an awesome year.

Lesson Plan Focus for: November 30th- December 4th 


Thanksgiving Break is November 23rd- November 27th (NO SCHOOL)

Food drive begins December 7th!

Phonics:  Blending sounds to make words; Sounds: /z/ and /y/; Spelling words: zip, zig, zap, zep, Liz, yet, yam, yum, yak, yes; Sentence: That pup can yip and nip. 

Phonemic Awareness:  Rhyming/Syllables; Onset & Rime

Writing:  Sentence Rules/Phonics first dictation

Math:  Chapter 3 Addition strategies with numbers 1-20

Science/S.S.:  Animals/Hibernation

Read Aloud Unit:  The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Google Classroom join code: ve4x7ia

If absent during the week, assignments are on Google Classroom.

Google Classroom join code: ve4x7ia: if you have not joined our Google Classroom please try to login this week!


Activity Schedule: 9:00-9:40

Monday: P.E (wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday: Library 

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E (wear tennis shoes)

Friday: Art