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Lesson Plans

Mrs. West’s 6th Grade Reading 

If you have any questions over this week’s AMI work, email me at or message me on Facebook (Courtney West)


AMI Days April 20th- May 15th
I hope you are all doing well! I really wish we were able to finish Peak together in class, but we will have to finish it this way. Your new assignment is to listen to chapters 10- 30 in Peak and answer the questions that go along with each chapter. I have placed the questions for Moleskine 2 on the 6th grade table by the office at school. I will be adding a Google doc with the links for each chapter on YouTube. You can listen to 1 chapter a day or 2 chapters a day. When you finish you can turn your questions in at school in the 6th grade basket. You can comment about the chapters on Google classroom, and we can have discussions that way. 


10) Tibet p.62‐66


11) Peak Experience p.67‐76


12) Rock Weasels p.77‐81


13) Gasp p.82‐92


14) Latecomers p.93‐97


15) Gamow Bag p.98‐106


16) ABC p.107‐121


17) Letters From Home p.122‐125


Moleskine #2

18)Secrets p.127‐135


19) Bear and Bull p.136‐150


20) Camp Four p.151‐162


21) Arrest p.163‐172


22) Family History p.173‐184


23) Unrest p.185‐191 chpt. 23-24 are on the same link listed below

24) Blink p.192‐196


25) Shortcut p.197‐204 Chpt 25-26 are on the same link listed below

26) Camp 3 ½ p.205‐210


27) Camps Five and Six p.211‐221


28) Top of the World p.222‐231


29) Down the Mountainside p.232‐241


30) Denouement p.242‐246