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Daily Schedule/Lesson Plan/Important Reminders

Daily Schedule:  

8:05-8:20  Language Arts

8:20-9:00  Activity

                 Monday- PE

                 Tuesday- Music

                 Wednesday- Art

                 Thursday- Library

                 Friday- PE

9:00-11:00 Language Arts

     *9:00-9:30 Computer Lab on Tuesday

      *10:30-10:50 Counselor on Friday

11:00-11:50  Lunch/Physical Activity

11:50-1:40  Math

1:40-2:00 Physical Activity

2:00-3:05 Science and Social Studies


Literacy Focus:  Dd

Spelling words:   had, red, dig, bed, dad

Math Focus:

understanding addition

# words

counting to 100

skip counting by 2, 5 and 10

identifying and decribing two dimensional shapes

Science/ Social Studies:


Push and Pull

President’s Day


Snack Calendar: 

Monday-   NO SCHOOL

Tuesday-  Darcy

Wednesday-  Everly

Thursday-  Connor

Friday-  Aleah

Important Reminders:‚Äč

2019/2020 Yearbooks are on sale thru Feb. 28th.

*Feb. 28 -Muffins for Mom @ 7:00 in the gym