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Mrs Rogers English Classes

Welcome to Mrs Rogers’ English Classes

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General Syllabus and Classroom Rules


Beginning December 3, the only reading homework for regular English 7 and regular English 8 will be to make up zeroes. All make up work is due by December 14. Students with no zeroes have no reading homework.


Lesson plans for Dec 17 – 21


Semester tests will be over the following:

English 7 and 8 – “The Gift of the Magi,” article, and vocab 

PreAP English 7 – The Giver

PreAP English 8 – The Slave Dancer



Supplies for English class:
 ** One 1 - 2 inch binder with 3 dividers
** Loose leaf paper (wide or college ruled)
** Pencils
** At least one colored pen or highlighter