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Karla Growns

Please Put your name and assignment number on all assignments that you email me!

Assignments 11-20  Biology

Here is a list of AMI assignments for April 13 until May 8, Pick out 6 of the 10 assignments to complete. You can email me the completed assignments, or you can leave copies in the lobby of the High School.

  • Assignment 11—Choose a science field that interest you, write two paragraphs about the field and why it interest you.
  • Assignment 12--- Watch a Science video on any media outlet and write a one page summary of what you learned.
  • Assignment 13---Go for a walk. Observe three different types of plants and three different types of animals. Draw and color  a picture of any part of the plants and draw and color the animals. Take a picture of the  animals and plants also and include the photo in what you send to me.
  • Assignment 14--- Watch the nightly national news and write down 5 indepth facts about the corona virus that is important for us to know and understand.
  • Assignment 15--- Think of 12 science words that we used this school year in Biology, Create a Crossword puzzle with those words..
  • Assignment 16--- Create your own cooking show: Cook something, either outside or inside and take pictures and explain  each step of making the item from start to finish, or film yourself making the item and explain what you are doing at each step.
  • Assignment17--- next year you will be taking a science class, either Chemistry, Earth science, Environmental Science, or Anatomy and Physiology, do some research on each subject and Write out an overview of the class, what you hope to learn, and list 2 scientist that has contriputed to the subject and what their contribution was.
  • Assignment 18—Watch a planet earth type video on any media outlet write a half page describing a biome and the animals that survive in the biome.
  • Assignment 19---read a science fiction novel. Write a Book review of the story.
  • Assignment 20---Research your favorite dog breed, where it originated from and what reason they were developed, what they are used for now,  and at least 2 interesting facts about the breed.  


click Here →    Biology AMI Assignments 1-10

YOU CAN print and fill out the assignments, or you can create a document with just the answers on it and email it to me.  YOU can also email me a picture of the answers, please label and number the answers and please write neat.


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