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Vicki Harris

Welcome to Family & Consumer Science

Vicki Harris, Instructor


Lesson Plans for Week 8/28 thru 9/1

1st Period—Prep 8:00 to 8:45


2nd Period—Financial Literacy -the students are working on their Budget Challenge Activity that will begin next week.  


3rd  Period—Ent. Experience—The students are making their presentations about the entreprenuer they selected. 

After presentions are completed, the students will be assigned to various projects in class related to the setting up of the Ent. business. 

4th Foods— the students are working on Unit 1 with powerpoint, guided notes and worksheets


5th FACS—guided notes, powerpoint on Unit 2 Relationships 


6th FCSI—Chapter 1—Cornell Notes as a group with instructor


7th  Consumer Services--


8th Leadership and Service Learning.--



Vicki Harris

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