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Carol Blackmon

Welcome to 2nd Grade Reading!



The 2nd AR goal period ends December 6. The goal for 2nd grade is 10 points and 80% accuracy.

Friday, Nov. 22:  Sno-cone, popcorn, cotton candy fundraiser

Nov. 25-29:  Thanksgiving Break


Vocabulary List

Arthur’s Family Vacation

pool- a space that contains water used for swimming

leave- to go away or away from; depart

vacation- leisure time away from work or school used to rest or relax

beach- a sandy area of land next to a body of water; a shore

manager- a person who is in charge of, or directs the dealings of a business



Monday, November 18

Phonics:  r controlled words

Arthur’s Family Vacation


Tuesday, November 19

Phonics: r controlled words

Arthur’s Family Vacation Review

Vocabulary Study Guide

Star Testing

Wednesday, November 20

Phonics:  r controlled words

Arthur’s Family Vacation TEST

Thursday, November 21

Phonics:  r controlled words

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Story Questions

Friday, November 22

Phonics:  r controlled words

Moby Max Reading Skills


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