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Vocabulary Words

Ramona Quimby Age 8 Vocabulary List

Chapter 1

Ferocious (pg. 27)-very fierce and savage

Glare (pg. 27)-to stare in an angry way

Triumphant (pg. 34)-a great victory

Chapter 2

Exasperation (pg. 37)-to become annoyed

Suspicious (pg. 39)-think that something is wrong or bad

Collapse (pg. 51)-to fall down suddenly

Chapter 3

Nuisance(pg. 68)-someone or something that causes problems for you

Reluctant (pg. 70)-do not want to do something

Trudge(pg. 71)-to walk slowly and with effort

Chapter 4

Nutritious (pg. 83)-food that is good for you

Defiant (pg. 84)-refuse to obey

Dismal (pg. 89)-gloomy and sad

Chapter 5

practical (pg. 96)-showing good judgment

calamity (pg. 101)-a terrible disaster

skittish (pg. 104)-easily frightened

Chapter 6

anxious (pg. 110)-worried

imitate (pg. 110)-to copy something

scant (pg. 111)-not enough

Chapter 7

prop(pg. 131) - to support something that might fall down

indignant(pg. 133) -feeling upset because something is not fair

grim(pg. 142) -gloomy and unpleasant

Chapter 8

affectionate (pg. 148)- very loving

accuracy (pg. 149)-exactly correct

suppressing (pg. 156)-to hide or control something

Chapter 9

stun (pg. 178)-shocking

dread (pg. 181)-afraid

prompt (pg. 187)-very quick