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Vocabulary Words

Sarah, Plain and Tall Vocabulary List

Chapter 1

  1. Dusk (pg. 3)-the time of day following sunset
  2. Wretched (pg. 5)-miserable or unfortunate #1
  3. Homely (pg. 5)- not attractive, plain #1

Chapter 2

  1. Pesky (pg. 13) –annoying
  2. Peer (pg. 17)-to look at something that is difficult to see #1
  3. Bonnet (pg. 17)- a baby or woman’s hat tied with strings under the chin

Chapter 3

  1. Slick (pg. 18)-smooth or slippery
  2. Fetch (pg. 19)- to go after and bring back someone or something
  3. Clatter (pg. 21)-a sound made by the banging of something together

Chapter 4

  1. Paddock(pg. 26)-an enclosed field or area where horses can graze or exercise-no synonym
  2. Roam (pg. 25)-to wander around without a purpose
  3. Rustle(pg. 30)-a soft sound as things move together gently

Chapter 5

  1. Coarse(pg. 32)- a rough texture or surface#1
  2. Dune(pg. 33)- a sand hill made by the wind sometimes near the ocean
  3. Rot(pg. 34)- to decay

Chapter 6

  1. Rein(pg. 37)-straps attached to an animal to control or direct it
  2. Tread(pg. 41)- to swim in one place with our body vertical to the water
  3. Gleam(pg. 41)-to shine like a beam of light


Chapter 7

  1. Prim(pg. 44)-stiff, formal and proper
  2. Squawk(pg. 46)-to complain loudly (definition #5)
  3. Lonely(pg. 45)-sad because you are by yourself or far from things you miss

Chapter 8

  1. Sly(pg. 51)-mischievous and secretive
  2. Squall(pg. 53)-a sudden violent wind that usually brings rain
  3. Pungent(pg. 53)-a strong sharp smell

Chapter 9

  1. Damage(pg. 58)-the harm caused by something
  2. Hitch(pg. 58)-to fasten with a rope
  3. Nudge(pg. 63)-to give someone or something a small push