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Vocabulary Words

Mouse on the Motorcycle Vocabulary List

Chapter 1

Rumple(pg. 11)-to crease

Critical(pg. 12)-finding fault with something or someone

Quaint(pg. 14)-charming and old fashion

Chapter 2

Eager(pg. 19)-very interested in doing something

Considerate(pg. 19-20)-thinking about someone else’s needs

Despair(pg. 20)-to lose hope completely

Chapter 3

Intact(pg. 29)-Not broken, complete

Remorse(pg. 29)-a strong feeling of guilt or and regret

Venture(pg. 31)-to put yourself at risk by doing something dangerous#2

Chapter 4

Cowered(pg. 36)-someone who is easily scared

Obvious(pg. 44)-easy understand

Hamper(pg. 47)-to make it difficult for someone to do something#2

Chapter 5

Exhilarate(pg. 52)-very exciting and thrilling

Resist(pg. 55)-fighting back

Beckon(59)-to make a sign to someone asking them to come

Chapter 6

Impress(pg. 69)-to think highly of someone or something

Admiration/admire(pg. 71)-to look at something and enjoy it

Chapter 7

Bitter(pg. 75)-upset or angry about something

Inhale(pg. 75)-to breathe in

Devour(pg. 75)-to eat something quickly

Chapter 8

Ashamed (pg. 89)-feeling guilty or embarrassed

Pilfer(pg. 89)-to steal small amounts of something

Puzzle(pg. 91)-#2 someone or something is hard to understand

Chapter 9

Envy(pg. 96)-you wish you could have something that person has

Agitate(pg. 100)-to make someone nervous and worried

Bewilder(pg. 101)-to confuse someone

Chapter 10

Scheme(pg. 106)-a plan or plot for doing something

Flicker(pg. 106)-moves unsteadily

Emerge(pg. 110)-come out into the open

Chapter 11

Dramatic(pg. 121)-making too much fuss over something, very noticeable

Quaver(pg. 121)-to shake or tremble

Steadfast(pg. 121)-firm and steady, not changing

Chapter 12

Crucial (pg. 137)-extremely important

Collapse (pg. 140)-to fall down suddenly from weakness

Huddle(pg. 132)-to crowd together in a tight group

Chapter 13

Inspiration/inspire (pg. 146)-to be filled with an idea

Modestly/modest (pg. 146)-not to brag about your abilities and achievements

Irresponsible (pg. 149)-reckless