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Vocabulary Words


Best Christmas Pageant Ever Vocabulary List

Chapter 1

Hysterical(pg. 9)-A person who cries or laughs a lot because they are very excited or frightened or angry

Contagious(pg. 12)- To spread an illness or virus

Pneumonia(pg. 16)-A sickness that causes the lungs to become filled with fluid

Chapter 2

Contribution (pg. 21)-To give help or money

Pageant (pg. 25)- A public show or play

Tradition (pg. 26)- The passing down your beliefs or customs from one generation to the next

Chapter 3

Interrupt (pg. 35)-To talk when someone else is talking

Rehearsal (pg. 40 )- To practice for a performance

Sympathize (pg. 42)-To understand others troubles

Chapter 4

Truant (pg. 59)-A student who stays away from school

Precious  (pg. 64)-Rare and valuable

Ancestor (pg. 66)-Members of your family who lived a long time ago

Chapter 5

Instincts (pg. 69)-natural behavior not learned

Squeal (pg. 76)-To tell a secret

Cradle (pg. 80)-A small bed for a young baby

Chapter 6

 Memorial  (pg. 83)-Meant to help people remember someone

Spoil (pg. 83)-To diminish or mess up something

Committee (pg. 90)-A group of people chosen to make decisions    

Chapter 7

Swooped (pg. 95)-To rush down suddenly

Veil (pg. 98)-A piece of material or clothing worn to cover the head or face

Charity (pg. 100)-To help people in need