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Vocabulary Words


Magic Tree House: Hour of the Olympics

Chapter 1

Thrill(pg. 5)-a strong feeling of excitement

Mission(pg. 6)-a special job or task

Chapter 2

Grove(pg. 11)-a group of trees growing near one another

Festival(pg. 12)-a celebration held at the same time each year

Chapter 3

Brilliant(pg. 20)-very smart

Scroll(pg. 23)-a piece of paper with writing on it rolled into a tube

Chapter 4

Grumble(pg. 27)-to complain about something in a grouchy way

Courtyard(pg. 27)-an open area surrounded by walls

Chapter 5

Chariot(pg. 31)-a small vehicle pulled by a horse

Temple(pg. 33)-a building used for worship

Chapter 6

Cape(pg. 39)-a sleeveless coat that you wear over your shoulders

Athlete(pg. 38)-someone who is trained at sports or games which require speed, strength, and skills

Chapter 7

Journey(pg. 45)-a long trip

Theater(pg. 43)-a building where plays or movies are shown

Chapter 8

Galloped(pg. 51)-running fast

Murmur(pg. 51)-to talk very quietly

Chapter 9

Crouch(pg. 54)- bend your legs and lower your body

Dash(pg. 52)-to move quickly

Chapter 10

Shimmer (pg. 65)-to shine with a faint light

Wistful(pg. 62)- wishing for something