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PES 2019-2020 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Academic Award Winners!! 

First Grade:

C. Cody: Abagail Parks (Reading) and Karter Ray (Math)

Canant:Blaine Henderson (Reading) and Camber Gattis (Math)

Howard: Peyton Duke (Reading)/ Vivian Sams and Jase Rostan (Math)

Goodwin:Parker Denn (Reading)/ Sadie Holbrook (Math)


Second Grade:

Blackmon (Reading): Harper Finkbeiner 

Brazil (Language): Lizzy Blocker (Language)/ Brooklyn Smith (Writing)

Wilson (Science/SS):Justin Jones and Braxton Strecker/ Harper Finkbeiner (SS)

Ray (Math):Doss Goodwin and Harper Finkbeiner 


Third Grade:

Ledbetter (Language/SS): Anna Young (Language) and Maggie Short (SS)

Hawkins (Math/Science):Jett Thompson (Math) and Briley Blackmon (Science)

Denn (Reading): Carter Tolley


Fourth Grade:

Watts (Reading): William Watkins

Olles (Math):William Watkins

Young (SS/Science):Levi Ledbetter (Science)/ Will Watkins (SS) 

Hampton (Language): Levi Ledbetter and Caleb Nelson


Fifth Grade:

Hight (Math/Science): Ella Tolley (both)

Finkbiener (Reading): Ella Tolley 

Chapman (Language/SS): Ella Tolley (both)


Sixth Grade:

Frantz (Math/Science): Ava Young (both)

West (Reading):Ava Young

Freeman (Language/SS):Ava Young (Language)/ Matt Marteny (SS)

Outstanding 6th Grade Student: Ava Young 


Perfect Attendance:

Reece Almond

Kayla Brandon

Harper Finkbeiner

Jordon Middleton

Karsyn Pannell

Jonathan Pritchard

Aidan Tippin

Klayton Treadway

Kolton Treadway


Top AR Students:

2nd Grade: 

Harper Finkbeiner 110.6 points 

Carter Alexander 103.3 points 

3rd Grade: 

Landry Langston 182.1 points

Carter Tolley 171.9 points 

4th Grade: 

Isiah Walker 111.7 points

Brenna Jewell 108.7 points 

5th Grade: 

Ella Tolley 232.1 points

April Farnam 193.0 points 

6th Grade: 

Stevie Watkins 228.9 points

Ivy French 214.0 points 

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