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Jones - PreCalculus

Late Work Policy 

The following penalties will be applied to late assignments

20% if the assignment is 1 day late

40% if the assignment is 2 days late

You will not receive credit for any assignment submitted three or more days past the due date. 

When a student is absent, he/she has 1 day for each day missed (maximum 5 days) to make up assignments for tests. If a test is scheduled while a student is present, he/she will be responsible for taking the test when he/she returns to school. If not present when the test was scheduled, 1 day for each day’s absence (maximum 5 days) will be allowed to prepare for the test.


Jan. 31 – Feb. 4


Monday - Pg. 227 (2,8,10-18e)

Tuesday -  Pg. 227 (20-38e,48)

Wednesday - Pg. 238 (1-8)

Thursday - Pg. 238 (10-24e)

Friday - Pg. 238 (28-32e,44-48e)