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Lesson Plans

3rd 9 Weeks Week 1 Jan. 10-13

Math Development - Prodigy self paced work

Bell Work Builder

Spectrum sheets

Quantitative Literacy

T-W  3.2 Reconcile a Bank Statement p. 127 1-13 all / Life Game

Th-F  Wages, Salaries, Commissions

Algebra 3

T-W  5.2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials p. 253 2-84 even

Th-F  5.3 Polynomial Functions p. 262 2-60 even

Algebra 1

T  Multi Step and Compound Inequalities Packet

W  Absolute Value Inequalities Packet

Th Inequalities Review 

F  Progress Learning


T-F Serving and Fundamental Skills


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