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Trafford -- AP US History

 --Aristotle writes in the Nicomachean Ethics that friendship is essential to human happiness, but only the best kind of friendship. It must be characterized by a shared love for the highest things—in the mind, truth; in the heart, virtue.



All Assignments are in Google Classroom





















































































































Week of Jan 24, 2022

Mon – Review Period Six and Study Aides 

Tues – Ch 19 notes due; Work in AMSCO

Wed – Assessment in College Board Period Six

Thurs – Discussion Ch 20 “Spanish American War”

Fri – Ch 20 Notes due; Work on Ch 21













































Week of Jan 10

Period Six Discussion

Wed- Ch 17 notes due; complete “19thc Strikes”-due Thurs

Work in AMSCO; Court Cases; and begin Ch 18

Fri – Martin Luther King Jr.: The Authentic Legacy  















lways a Mustang!   School year 2021-2022

Mon – Documentary

Tues – Analyze Documents

Wed – Air Guard

Thurs – Fri – Analyze Documents “Civil War”



















Week of Nov 15, 2021

Readings & Ilustrations “Expansion Leads to Conflict”

Present --Friday

(Ch 14 Outline due Wed; Ch 15 Outline Due Fri)






Week of November 8, 2021

Mon – U S Expansion and Manifest Destiny

Tues – Taking Chance/ Hwk: Complete Essay

Wed – Essay Due;  Veteran’s Day Assembly

Thurs-Fri – Honoring & Remembering Veterans




Week of Nov 1, 2021

Mon – Write DBQ

Tues – ASVAB

Wed – Rough draft due; Study Guide

Thurs – Ch 10 outline- due;  Test

Fri – ch 11 outline due







Week of Oct 25, 2021

Mon- Tues – Analyze Documents

Wed – ASVAB interpretation

Thur – Prewrite

Fri – Rough Draft due




Week of Oct 18, 2021

M – No School

T – Ch 8 Outline Due; Start Ch 9; Notes; Hwk: MO Compromise -due Thurs; Expansion Map-Study

W – Expansion Map Quiz; AMSCO p.193-197 ; Study Terms 4C

Th –  Terms Test 4C; Hwk SAQ 170-172-Due Fri

Fri – Due- SAQ; College Board Classroom Quiz (Ch 7-8); Work on Ch 9 -Due Mon



Week of Oct 11, 2021

M – Review Study Techniques/Court Cases/Terms

T – Ch 6 Outline Due; Work on Court Cases- due Fri

W – Quiz Terms 4A; Book work AMSCO

Th – PSAT/ Ch 7 Outline -Due

Fri – Quiz Terms 4B

Week of Oct 18, 2021

M – No School

T – Ch 8 Outline Due; Start Ch 9 





Week of Oct 4, 2021

Early 1800s and expansion

Tues – Rough Draft due;  Review for test


Thurs – Test; Ch 5 outline due

Fri – Ch 6 Outline due







Week of Sept 27, 2021

Early American Government and Issues

Hwk:  Mon- “Common Sense”

          Tues- “interpretation: Monroe Doc”; SAQ -John Adams

          Wed – Long Essay “Era of Good Feelings”

          Fri – Quiz Terms







Week of Sept 20,2021

AP Period 3-4  Discussion (AMSCO Ch 4-6) w/notes; Assign Docs Analyze w/thesis-Due Fri

Quiz Terms “Stamp Act Congress-French & Indian War”  Wed

Quiz Terms “Writs of Assistance – Treaty of Paris” Fri;  Assign SAQs -Due Tues

Due Fri- Docs Analyze w/thesis




Week of Sept 13, 2021

ch 3 AMSCO

Terms quiz-Thur

Ch 3 quiz -Fri






Week of Sept 6, 2021

Activities surrounding Sept 11, 2001






Week of August 30, 2021

Research 13 Colonies, maps,  Ch 2 AMSCO & Quiz






Week of Aug 23, 2021

Monday – 

Practice HIPPO for primary and secondary sources 

(Columbus Practice) & (Doc 1-4) 

Hwk:  Documents 5=7

Columbus Then and Now Due:Fri

Notes Ch 2 AMSCO due: Monday Aug 30



Introduce AP Classroom College Board

Discussion of Documents 5-7

Hwk:  Columbus Then and Now Due: Friday

Notes Ch 2 AMSCO due: Monday

Wednesday --


Review Period One (Video/Doc)

Hwk: Review Explorers and Columbian Exchange

Hwk; Study for Quiz in AP Classroom on Friday

Notes Ch 2 AMSCO due: Monday

Thursday –


Work on chart of Ancient America and explorers

Hwk: Complete “Columbus Then and Now

Study for Quiz in AP Classroom

Notes Ch 2 AMSCO due: Monday

Friday --


Complete quiz using AP Classroom College Board

Turn in work for this week!

Hwk: Due Monday: Notes Ch 2 AMSCO



Week of Aug 16

Mon – Information, classroom rules, “First Day Activity”  Hwk: Begin Notes Ch 2

Tues – “Why Study History?”; Historical Thinking Skills

Wed – Historical Thinking Skills; Begin Docs 1-4  Hwk: “Ancient America and European Contact” -due Fri

Thurs – Analyze Docs 5-8   Hwk: Complete “Ancient America & European Contact”

Fri – Due- “Ancient America”; Continue Docs 8-11














































Week of April 19, 2021

Mon – Digital Day – watch Period 7 reviews

Tues – Test practice in Google Classroom

Wed – SAQ Practice

Thur – Review Period 6;  Practice Thesis writing

Fri – Review Period 5;  Practice Thesis Writing


Week of April 12, 2021

Mon – Due: Intro and first body paragraph; Due: Ch  26-29 work; Review Period 9

Tues – Review Period 8; SAQ Practice

Wed – Due: 2nd & 3rd body paragraph; Practice test

Thur – Practice quiz

Fri – Due: Final Paper;  Testing practice;  Hwk; SAQ













Week of March 29, 2021

Mon – WWII

Tues – SAQ

Wed – Ch 25 due; Quiz in AP Classroom/College Board

Thurs – Fri --Cold War Ch 26



















Week of March 1,2021

Period Seven --- Immigration, Spanish-American War, and intro WWI




Week of Feb 22, 2021

Monday & Tues– Virtual – Complete all work in Google Classroom

Wed – Friday – Finish work on Period 6 and begin Period 7








Week of February 15, 2021    **All work can be found in Google Classroom

Mon – No School

Tues --(Due-Ch 17) Start Ch 18 AMSCO

Wed – Complete Ch 18  (Due Monday, Feb 22)

Thurs – Start Ch 19

Fri – Complete Ch 19 (Due Monday, Feb 22)




Week of Feb 8, 2021

Monday – Notes

Tuesday – SAQ Practice

Wednesday – Turn in SAQ; West Activities

Thurs – Fri – Complete Ch 17 AMSCO -Due Tues





Week of Feb 1, 2021

Monday – Reading Documents “Alger” and “Crane”

Tuesday – HIPPO Documents Period 6b

Wednesday – Continue with documents

Thursday – AMSCO Period 7

Friday – Amsco Period 7









Week of Jan 19-22  (go to Google Classroom for terms)

Using the Period 6 Review (1865-1898) create a collection of google slides for each group using the starred terms/events/people only.

Such as the first collection for your Google Slides are "Important Events" and it will have at least 5 different slides because there are 5 words starred. (You can have up to 3 slides on a topic. Some facts are big deals and need more information).  Next collection of google slides will be "Big Business and Innovation/Search for New Markets/Labor in Gilded Age" and there are 8 items starred and that means you have to research those 8 terms and make at least one slide per item.  You continue this process for each collection.

Be sure to share your collection of slides with me!





Week of Jan 11, 2021

Mon – Period 6 review sets; Ultimate Guide; p.337 #1

Tues -Industrialization Before and After (discussion)

Wed – Due #1 p.337; Slides “Important Events”; Readings-Alger&Crane

Thurs- p. 337 #3 SAQ & work on slides

Fri – Due slides “Business;Markets; Labor”; Discussion “Big Business”; Hwk: finish slides









Week of Nov 30, 2020

Work on Essay “Reconstruction”

P. 305-308 Amsco questions










Week of November 23, 2020

NO SCHOOL --- Happy Thanksgiving




Google Classroom Click HERE

Week of November 16, 2020

Monday – No School

Tuesday- Work on Final Draft

Wednesday – Complete Final Draft & start Amsco Ch 15

Thursday – Final Draft due 

Friday – Digital Day  (work on Ch 15)



Week of November 9, 2020

Monday – Ch 12 Discussion; Ch 13 work assigned

Tuesday- Writing prompt and thesis construction

Wed – Friday – Complete writing; work on edits; complete work in  AP/College Board



Week of November 2, 2020

Mon – Work on Amsco 

Tues- Work on Amsco

Wed – Analyze Documents

Thurs – Analyze Documents

Friday- Discussion Ch 13





Google Classroom Click HERE

Week of Oct 26, 2020

Monday – Discussion Ch 8 AMSCO

Tuesday – Work on Ch 11 AMSCO

Wednesday – Discussion

Thursday – Ch 11 AMSCO Complete Study Packet

Friday – AP Classroom complete assignments



Week of Oct 12, 2020

Monday – Digital Day – Complete work in AP Central

Tuesday – Illustrations Due; thesis & Salem Documents due:  Begin Ch 7 AMSCO (Period $)

Wednesday – Discussion “Age of Jefferson” & Western Expansion Map practice (Test Friday)

Thursday – Discussion & work in packet Ch 7 “Marshall Court”  (study map)

Friday – Test (West Expansion);  Complete Ch 7 “War of 1812”


Week of Oct 19, 2020

Monday – Digital Day --complete Ch 7 work and study for Ch 7 test

Tuesday – TEST Ch 7;  Begin Ch 8 packet

Wednesday – Ch 8 AMSCO “Era of Good Feelings”

Thursday – Ch 8 AMSCO packet & Discussion “”Lowell System”

Friday – AMSCO packet & Discussion “Monroe Doctrine”

Week of Oct 5, 2020

Mon – What did the Great Awakening Awaken?  --Thesis & Outline Points

Tues-Friday – “What caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692” 

Analyze documents, one-pager, thesis, & Outline








Week of Sept 28, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wedndesday Thursday Friday
Comparison “Slavery/Indentured Servitude” -Due Wed What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Comparison Due

What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Thesis; Outline Great Awakening

Intro “What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria?”

Documents “What Caused?





Week of Sept 21, 2020

Complete Period Two in AMSCO

Constitution Week Activities





Week of Sept 14, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Jamestowne’s Dark Winter

Due: p.24-26 work

Work on p.27-29

Digital Day---

Complete P.27-29 -Due Wed

Work on p. 29-31 -Due Thurs


Parent/Teacher Conference

Due: 27-29

Discussion   ”Colonies”

Complete p.29-31

Work on 31-35


Due P.29-31

Complete 31-35

Work on p.35-38

Complete Perusall

Due: p. 31-35

Complete 35-38


Week of Sept 7, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


NO SCHOOL              

Map Skills -13 Colonies 


Review Period One/Ch 1 Amsco   



Map Skills-13 colonies    

Quiz Ch 1/Period One


P.24-26 “Early English Settlements” AMSCO- Due Mon


Map Skills-13 Colonies   


P. 27-29  “Early Political Institutions” AMSCO-Due Wed



Due: p.24-26 work -Mon

Remembering 9/11






Aug 31, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Map Skills-Landforms (map and quiz Friday)

Brainstorm writing for speech- Prewrite due Fri


Work on 1A-1D

Speech- Rough draft due Sept 8



Map Skills-Landforms

Discussion of 1A-1D

Homework: 1E & 1F-Thurs



Map Skills-Landforms

Continue Perusall

HIPPO Documents

Hwk: 1g-Due Fri


Map Skills-Landforms practice

Due: 1E & F



Map quiz

Map Due

Due: 1G

Prewrite for Speech-due

Complete Perusall




Aug 24, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Speech- Rough draft due Sept 8

Map Skills


Map Skills

due: Q 1a & 1b

Homework: 1C&1D


Map Skills

Continue Perusall

Continue 1A & B


Map Skills

Work on 1C & D

Map quiz



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