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Trafford -- AP US History

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Week of Jan 19-22  (go to Google Classroom for terms)

Using the Period 6 Review (1865-1898) create a collection of google slides for each group using the starred terms/events/people only.

Such as the first collection for your Google Slides are "Important Events" and it will have at least 5 different slides because there are 5 words starred. (You can have up to 3 slides on a topic. Some facts are big deals and need more information).  Next collection of google slides will be "Big Business and Innovation/Search for New Markets/Labor in Gilded Age" and there are 8 items starred and that means you have to research those 8 terms and make at least one slide per item.  You continue this process for each collection.

Be sure to share your collection of slides with me!





Week of Jan 11, 2021

Mon – Period 6 review sets; Ultimate Guide; p.337 #1

Tues -Industrialization Before and After (discussion)

Wed – Due #1 p.337; Slides “Important Events”; Readings-Alger&Crane

Thurs- p. 337 #3 SAQ & work on slides

Fri – Due slides “Business;Markets; Labor”; Discussion “Big Business”; Hwk: finish slides