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Trafford -- U S History


2021 – 2022             ALWAYS A MUSTANG!



 Aristotle writes in the Nicomachean Ethics that friendship is essential to human happiness, but only the best kind of friendship. It must be characterized by a shared love for the highest things—in the mind, truth; in the heart, virtue.



All assignments are in Goggle Classroom


























































Week of Jan 24, 2022

Mon -Tues – Primary Documents “Spanish-American War”

Wed – Present findings; Maps

Thurs & Fri – Notes










Week of Jan 10


Notes and Study Guide


Fri – Martin Luther King Jr.: The Authentic Legacy  












WEEK OF JAN 3, 2022

Notes “Expansion & Industrialization”

Wkst: “Growth of Corporations”, “Pools, Trusts, & Monopolies”, “Time Zones”










Mon- John Brown Doc

Tues – Notes “Causes of Civil War”

Wed – Air Guard

Thurs- Fri – Notes














Week of Nov 15, 2021

Readings & Ilustrations “Expansion Leads to Conflict”

Present --Friday








Week of Nov 8, 2021

Mon – Expansionist review

Tues-Fri – Honoring Veterans and Remembering 



Week of Nov 1, 2021

Mon- Alamo

Tues – ASVAB

Wed – Sectionalism

Thurs – Study Guide

Fri – Test



Week of Oct 25, 2021

Mon-Notes and discussion



Thur-Fri --Alamo






Week of Oct 18, 2021

Mon – No School

”Emerging New Nation” – Tues-Fri

Check Google Classroom for Assignments




Week of Oct 11, 2021

Western Expansion

Map – Wed

Fri – Map Quiz



Week of Oct 4, 2021

Louisiana Purchase and expansion

Tues- Study Guide


Thurs- Test





Week of Sept 27, 2021

Early Government – War of 1812

Hwk: Mon- Ratification & Preamble

         Tues- Amendments & Bill of Rights

         Wed – Louisiana Purchase & Lewis and Clark

         Thurs – War of 1812






Week of Sept 20, 2021

Notes leading up to the American Revolution

Notes about the American Revolution

Wed – Web Quest “American Revolution”

Thurs – Guide notes

Fri – Documentary “Taking Liberties” w/questions






Sept 13, 2021

French & Indian War

Constitution Activities





Week of Sept 6, 2021

Activities surrounding Sept 11, 2001




Week of August 30, 2021

Colonial America, 13 colonies map, and quiz





Week of August 23, 2021


Complete Maps of Cultural Regions 

Hwk: Complete drawing of Native Environment-Due Tues

--Work on Landform Map-Due Thurs


Due: Native Map

Discussion “New World Beginnings”

Hwk: work on Landform Map-Due Thurs


Columbian Exchange Chart and Paragraph -Due Fri

Hwk:Complete Map Landforms


Due: Landform Map

Documentary “World Before Columbus”

Hwk: Complete “Columbian Exchange”


Due: “Columbian Exchange”

Finish “World Before Columbus”






AUGUST 16, 2021

Monday – Rules and procedures; information sheets, and US Map (label and color -Due Thurs -Aug 19)

Tuesday – Complete expectations for classroom and “Get to Know You” forms;  Work on Map due Thurs

Wednesday – Book Scavenger Hunt (getting familiar with textbook activity) Hwk: complete map

Thursday – Due: US Map; Begin “Native American Cultures” 

Friday – Complete “Native American Cultures”; Map of Cultural Regions; 




























































































































Week of April 19, 2021

Mon – Digital Day “Cold War at Home” read and answer

Tues – Complete notes “Cold War” & “Johnson & the Great Society”

Wed – 1950s TV Study --Research

Thurs – Documentary “Kennedy”

Fri – Documentary “Kennedy”


Week of April 12, 2021

Mon – Cold War (1945-1960) PPT/Notes

Tues – Continue with notes

Wed – Webquest

Thur – “Containment & Consensus” & “Eisenhower & Cold War”

Fri – Notes “Cold War”

















Week of March 29, 2021

Mon – Fri – the outbreak of WWII and American Response




Week of March 15, 2021

Mon – Roaring 20s

Tues-Thurs – Notes “Great Depression”

Fri – Documentary “Great Depression”







Week of March 1, 2021

Mon – Map Skills

Tues - WWI Intro

Wed – Notes Sec 1 Ch 10

Thurs -WWI discussion

Friday – Notes Ch 10 Sec 2



Week of Feb 22, 2021

Monday & Tues– Virtual – Go to Google Classroom

Wed – Friday – Assignments on the American West










Week of February 15, 2021      **All work found in Google Classroom 

Mon – No School

Tues – Read and answer questions on “Chinese Railroad Workers”

Wed – Read and answer questions on “Cowboys”

Thurs – Read and answer question on “African Americans”

Fri – Read and answer questions on “Women & Children” and “Native Americans”


Week of February 8, 20121

Mon – Ch 6 Going Westward Notes

Tues – Continue Notes

Wed-Fri – West activities “Pack Your Wagon” and “Cattle Drive”





Week of Feb 1, 2021

Monday – Ch 4 Sec 3 Notes

Tuesday – Study Guide Ch 4

Wed – Map Skills

Thursday – Ch 4 test

Friday – Map Skills









Week of Jan 11, 2021

Monday – State Capitals (test Fri); “Battle of Gettysburg” DBQ

Tuesday – Reconstruction (read & complete); Finish documents DBQ; practice capitals

Wednesday – Map skill/Ark; Complete “Reconstruction & Effects” using Google Classroom; Practice capitals

Thursday – Thesis Construction; finish “Reconstruction & Effects”; Reading Maps & map skills

Friday – Test Capitals; Map skills-Review work 












January 4, 2021

Monday -Review for semester test

Tuesday – Wednesday - “Why was Gettysburg a Turning Point?”

Thursday & Friday – Semester Tests








Week of Nov 30, 2020

Monday-Thursday --Civil War discussion ppt

Friday --Study Guide









Week of Nov 23, 2020

NO SCHOOL--- Happy Thanksgiving!










Week of November 2, 2020                                                 Week of November 9, 2020

Mon – Tues – Alamo                                                             Mon – Notes Ch 3 Sec 2 “Lincoln & Session”

Wed – the Alamo                                                                  Tues – Discussion “Election of 1860”

Thurs – Notes Ch 3 Sec 1                                                      Wed – Discussion “Robert E. Lee”

Fri –  Discussion “Union in Crisis”                                          Thurs – Civil War Generals

                                                                                                                Fri – Digital Day





Week of Oct 26, 2020

Monday – Study Guide  CH 2

Tuesday – Review for Test Ch 2

Wednesday – Ch 2 TEST

Thursday – Digital Day --Create Ad for the Alamo

Friday – “Alamo”


Week of Oct 19, 2020

Monday – Digital Day  “Missouri Compromise” & “Indian Removal”

Tuesday – Ch 2 Sec 3 Notes “The Antislavery Mov’t” & Study Western Map --Test Thurs

Wednesday – Ch 2 Sec 3  Discussion & Map practice of “West Expansion”---Test Thursday

Thursday – Ch 2 Sec 4-5  Notes “Women’s Movement & Manifest Destiny” & TEST “map-West Expansion”

Friday – Ch 2 Sec 4-5 Discussion


Week of Oct 12, 2020

Monday – Digital Day  “Early Roads” and “Great Lakes”  Attached in Google Classroom

Tuesday --- Ch 2  Notes “Andrew Jackson”

Wed – Ch 2 Sec 1 discussion & Label Western States

Thursday --Ch 2 Sec 2 Notes “Religion & Reform”

Friday – Ch 2 Sec 2 Discussion & Map “Western Expansion”



Week of Oct 5, 2020

Monday – Friday

”Valley Forge, Would you have quit?” 

Analyze documents, write thesis, outline, rough draft, complete writing

Valley Forge - Wikipedia





Week of Sept 28, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Ch 1 Study Guide (Test Wed)

Analyze Docs “Valley Forge”


Ch 1 Review (Test Wed)

Continue with “Valley Forge”

Ch 1 Test 

Continue “Valley Forge”

Thesis Writing & Prewrite


Rough Draft

”Valley Forge”




Week of Sept 21, 2020

Monday – Friday – Constitutional Week Activities 


Week of Sept 14, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Jamestowne’s Dark Winter

Digital Day----”New European Colonies”, “The First Colonies”, “Hard Times in Virginia”

Parent/Teacher Conference



Discussion “French & Indian War” French & Indian War -Doc


Week of Sept 7, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

No School

Labor Day

Map Skills -13 Colonies

“Do you know your colonial regions?” Research



Map Skills-13 Colonies

Complete Research

13 Colonies Map w/checklist


Map Skills Quiz-13 Colonies


Hwk: Triangular Trade





Remembering 9/11

Week of Aug 31, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Map Skills—Landforms (map and quiz on Friday)

Native American Cultures Research (due Thurs)

Map Skills -Landforms

Continue Research Native American Cultures


Map Skills-Landforms

Documentary “America Before Columbus”

Map Skills-Landforms

Complete Documentary and wriitng


Map Quiz Landforms

Map Due-Landforms








Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Map Skills

Map Skills 

Know Your Text Book

Map Skills

Notes Sec 1 Ch 1

Map Skills

Complete Notes


Map Quiz

Map Due



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