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******Please scroll to the last entry on this page for AMI/Snow Day instructions!  This work is to be turned in to me when we return to school following weather related absences.




Spanish 1 Lesson Plans Week of October 21-25

Monday-p. 114,115, p. 116,117, study guide

Tuesday-vocabulary game

Wednesday-Chapter 3 test

Thursday-p.122,123  (Cumulative Review)

Friday-take notes and watch Día de los Muertos


Spanish 1 Week of October 14-18

Monday-No school

Tuesday-review p. 100, 101, WB D,E p. 3.9, quiz 3

Wednesday-p. 105,106, WB A-D p. 3.10,3.11, quiz 4, SR5

Thursday-p. 107-109, WB A-D p. 3.12, quiz 5

Friday-p. 110, 111 (A-C), p. 112, 113 (A-C)



Spanish 1 Week of October 7-11

Monday-p. 88-95, WB A-C p. 3.3

Tuesday-review p. 92,93, WB D-F p. 3.4,.3.5, quiz 1

Wednesday-p. 96-99, WB A-C p. 3.6, vocabulary video

Thursday-review p. 96,97, WB D-E p. 3.6, 3.7,  quiz 2

Friday-p. 100-102, dialogue video, WB A-C p. 3.8


Spanish 1 Week of September 30-October 4

Monday-p. 76, A-D p. 77

Tuesday-p. 80,81, study guide

Wednesday-vocabulary game

Thursday-Chapter 2 test

Friday-p.86,87  (Cumulative Review)




Spanish 1 Week of September 23-27

Monday-p. 66,67, WB A-D p. 2.8,2.9

Tuesday-review the verb tener, dialogue video, WB E-G p. 2.9,2.10, quiz 3

Wednesday-p. 70,71, WB A,B p. 2.11

Thursday-review p. 70,71, read p. 73, WB C p. 2.11, quiz 4

Friday-p. 74, A-D p. 75, p. 78,79, grammar and dialogue video


Spanish 1 Week of September 16-20

Monday-Write and illustrate a biographical poem and present it to the class

Tuesday-p. 54-64, assign chapter 2 project, WB A-C p. 2.3,2.4

Wednesday-p. 58,59, WB D-F p. 2.4, quiz 1

Thursday-p. 62-65, WB A-D p. 2.5,2.6, vocabulary video

Friday-review p. 62,63, WB E-G p. 2.7, quiz 2


Spanish 1 Week of September 9-13

Monday- p. 40-45

Tuesday- p. 46,47, study guide

Wednesday-vocabulary game

Thursday-Chapter 1 test

Friday-p. 52,53 (Cumulative Review)



Spanish 1 Week of September 2-6

Monday-No school

Tuesday-p. 32-34, grammar video, WB D-F p. 1.9, quiz 4

Wednesday-p. 34-36, WB A-E p. 1.10,1.11

Thursday-p. 39, WB F-I p. 1.1,1.12, quiz 5

Friday-p. 40, A-D p.41, grammar video, p. 42, A-C p. 43


Spanish 1 Week of August 26-30

Monday-p. 18-25, WB p. 1.3,1.4 (A-D)

Tuesday-review p. 18-25, WB p. E-G p. 1.4, vocabulary video, quiz 1

Wednesday-p. 26-29, vocabulary video, WB A-E p. 1.5,1.6

Thursday-review vocabulary p. 26,27, dialogue video, WB F-I p. 1.6,1.7, quiz 2

Friday-infogap SR3, p.30, WB A-C p.1.8, quiz 3


Spanish 1 Week of August 19-23


Monday-p. 1-7, rompecabezas (5), WB LP 3-5 (A-C)

Tuesday-p. 8,9, WB LP6

Wednesday-p. 10,11, WB LP 7,8 (E)

Thursday-Spanish speaking countries quiz, p. 12-15, WB LP9-12 (F,G)

Friday-number quiz, p. 16, p.SR2


Spanish 1 Week of August 13-16

Tuesday-Information sheets, textbooks


Wednesday-p. SH 1-41


Thursday-p. SR 1-59, book quiz


Friday-p. SH 43-65



**************Spanish listening activity for AMI days:

You must listen to 15 minutes of Spanish each day we are out of school.  You can listen to an activity that is 15 minutes long, or you can break up your listening into smaller segments.  You must fill out this paperwork for each activity.  For example, you could watch a short video that is 15 minutes long, or you could listen to 5 songs that are each 3 minutes long.  It does not matter what you do as long as you listen to 15 total minutes each day.  You can document all of your activities on paper using the information below.  Activities may not be repeated.  All of the items listed below must be accounted for.  Bring your paperwork back to school. 

fecha (date)__________________________________

*tipo de actividad (type of activity)_____________________________

fuente (source)___________________________________________

If your activity is a song, I need the name of the song and the artist.

*nombre de la canción (name of the song____________________________________________

cantante o grupo (name of singer or group)__________________________________________

*If your activity is a movie, short film, video clip, etc.., I need to know the name of what you listened to or watched.___________________________________________________________

minutos (minutes)_______________________________

For each activity, you must write down 5 words in Spanish that you heard._____________________________________________________________