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Subject Descriptions

Survey of Business

Computerized Business Applications is a two-semester course designed to prepare students with an introduction to business applications that are necessary to live and work in a technological society.  Emphasis is given to hardware, concepts, and business uses of applications.  The business applications covered are word processing, database, spreadsheet, telecommunications, presentation, and Web page design.

Computerized Accounting I

Computerized Accounting I is a two-semester course with emphasis on basic accounting principles as they relate to both manual and computerized financial systems. Instruction is on an integrated basis, using computers and electronic calculators as the relationships and processes of manual and computerized accounting are presented. Entry-level skills in the accounting occupations can be attained.

Computerized Accounting II

Computerized Accounting II is designed to provide students with the knowledge, undertanding, and skills necessary for college and career readiness.  Departmental and corporate accounting systems are components of the course with emphasis given to computerized software and automated systems. 

Financial Literacy

This is a one-semester course designed to increase financial literacy and prepare students to successfully manage financial resources. This course also focuses on the individual's role and financial responsibilities as a student, citizen, consumer, and active participant in the business world. Emphasis is also placed also on activities and competitions within career technical student organizations (i.e., FBLA, FCCLA, and DECA).


Keyboarding is a one-semester course designed to help students develop speed and accuracy by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric /keyboard characters. Emphasis is placed on the following: mastery of the keyboard with desirable keyboarding techniques, development of speed and accuracy, and proper care of the equipment. Keyboarding is foundational for developing entry-level skills for business careers.