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Lesson Plans-



Mrs. Wilson

Grade 2

Science & Social Studies


*Detailed Lesson Plans can be found on Google Classroom.  Your student has access to the page.  If school is closed, the lesson can be found on Google Classroom .

Google Classroom Links by Homeroom

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Mrs. Wilson’s Homeroom 2D

**If you are unable to use Google Classroom, please e mail me and we will work something out.  I am flexible and understanding during this crazy time.  We will work through this together.  Let me know what you need! 


Sept. 28- Oct. 2

Monday-  How are Seeds Scattered

                 Text Pages 10-11


                   Questions #1and #2

Tuesday-    How are Seeds Grouped?


                     Notes: Writing Assignment

Wednesday-  Chrome Book Day

                       Practice Logging on/ Finding Google Classroom                                   Assignments/ Play Keyboarding Zoo

Thursday- Living in a Neighborhood

                  Text Pages 8-15

                   Questions 1-3

                    WB page 3-4

Friday- Plant Adaptations

             Text Pages 16-19


             Writing Assignment: Note Taking



                                September 21-25

Monday- Geography Skills

                     Text Page H26

                     Video: Maps and Globes

Tuesday – Plants

                  Text Page 45

                   Video: Celery Experiment

                   Text p. 5  Graphic Organizer

                    Text page 6-7 Read     


Wednesday- Parts of a Plant

                     Video: Plant Parts

                     Text Pages 8-9

                     Draw and Lable Plant Parts


Thursday- Places We Live

                 Text Page 2-5

                  Video: Communities for Kids

Friday- Chapter 1 Vocabulary

             Vocabulary Boxes