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Lesson Plans-



Mrs. Wilson

Grade 2

Science & Social Studies


Lesson Plans

WEEK #7 October 4-7


Tuesday- LOAWNU story and booklet

Wednesday- Plant Adaptations

                      Text Pages 16-19


                         Writing Assignment

Thursday- Carnivorous Plants

                   Text Page 25


                     Writing Assignment

Friday- Perseverance


             Make a Poster



WEEK #6 Sept. 20-23

Tuesday- How Seeds are Scattered

                Text Pages 10-11


                 Answer Question (#1-2) Page 10

Wednesday-  How are Plants Grouped?

                       Text Pages 12-15


                        Note taking

Thursday-  Social Studies


                    Workbook Pages 8-11

Friday- Chrome Book Work Day

             How to Draw a Tulip

              Video: Plant Parts and Functions


Week #5 Sept. 13-16

Tuesday- Chapter 8 Test

                 Vocabulary Boxes- Chapter1

Wednesday- Celery Experiment

                      Text Pages 4-5


                       Graphic Organizer

Thursday- Social Studies

                 Workbook pages 2-7

Friday- Parts of a Plant

            Text pages 8-9


            Draw and Lable

Week #4  Sept. 5-9

Tuesday- Properties of Matter

                Text Pages 252-255

                WB page 54-55


Wednesday- Living in a Neighborhood

                      Text pages 8-15

                       Questions (#1-3) Page 11

                       WB page 3-4

Thursday- Chapter Review-Ch. 8

                  Text Pages 260-261

Friday- Study Guide- Chapter 8

Week #3  August 29-Sept. 2

Tuesday- States of Matter

                Text Pages 242-247

                WB pages 5-6


Wednesday-Read a Map

                     Text Pages H20-H21

                     Draw A Map



                Text Pages H22-H26


                 Questions (#1-3)  Page H26


Friday-Mixtures &Solutions

            Text Pages 250-251


            Lesson CheckPoint Page 251


                                                                                    Week #2  August 22-26


Tuesday- Citizenship Skills

                Text Pages H2-H3

                Problem Solving Page H4


Wednesday- What is Matter?

                      Video: What’s My Property?

                      WB page 7-8

                       Text Pages 238-241


Thursday- States of Matter

                  Text Pages 242-247

                  WB page 5-6

                   Video: States of Matter Changes


Friday- The Globe

             Text Pages H18-H19

             Video:Know Your Globe

              Globe Writing Assignment


                                                                                                   August 16-19



First Day of School Coloring Sheet

Rules & Procedures                      

Video: Next Stop: Second Grade

Classroom Rules List



Welcome to Science

What Does a Scientist Look Like?

Workbook page 1   



Watch the video -What's Matter?

Science workbook Page. 2                                       

Take Notes on Matter. (Notebook Paper)



Read Text Pages 233-235

 Do Vocabulary Boxes 

 Workbook Page 3-4                                        

 Watch the video: What is Matter?