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Lesson Plans-



Mrs. Wilson

Grade 2

Science & Social Studies


*Detailed Lesson Plans can be found on Google Classroom.  Your student has access to the page.  If school is closed, the lesson can be found on Google Classroom .

Google Classroom Links by Homeroom

Mrs. Blackmon’s Homeroom 2A

Mrs. Ray’s Homeroom 2B

Mrs. Brazil’s Homeroom 2C

Mrs. Wilson’s Homeroom 2D

**If you are unable to use Google Classroom, please e mail me and we will work something out.  I am flexible and understanding during this crazy time.  We will work through this together.  Let me know what you need! 

Lesson Plans

April 19-23

Monday – Digital Day

                  Worksheet 77-78 Maps

Tuesday- Chapter Review Pages 294-295

                 Study Guide

Wednesday- Chrome Book Day

Thursday- Test Chapter 9 Science

                  Countries Around the World

Friday- A Germy Day Packet


April 12-16

Monday-Sources of Heat, Insulators & Conductors

               Text Pages 278-281

Tuesday- Counrtries Around the World- Scotland

Wednesday-Chrome Book Day

                     A Journey Inside Your Body  

                     Video & Quiz

Thursday-Light/ Reflects/ Shadows/ Rainbows

                 Text Pages 282-285


April 5-9

Monday- Science- Energy

                 Text Pages 270-273

Tuesday- Countries Around the World


Wednesday- ChromeBook Day

                       Earth Day

Thursday- Social Studies 50 States

Friday- Science Workbook


March 29- April 2

Monday- Reflection of Light

                Text Pages 268-269

Tuesday- Countries Around the World 


Wednesday- Chrome Book Day

                       “What if We Eat Bugs?”   Video and Quiz

Thursday- Tooth Fairy Poem

                   Video and Packet

Friday- Science Workbook Pages 276-282


March 22-26

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

March 15-19

Monday: Science Chapter Review

                Text Pages 222-223

Tuesday: Countries Around the World Notebook


Wednesday: Chrome Book Day

                       How Is A Rainbow Made?     Quiz

Thursday: Study Guide Chapter 7

Friday: Test Chapter 7


March 8-12

Monday – Fossils & Extinct

Tuesday- Countries Around the World 

Wednesday- ChromeBook Day

Thursday- The Liberty Bell

Friday- Dinosaurs


March 1-5

Monday- How Do Fossils Form/

                Text Pages 206-209

                Video: Fossils


Tuesday- Countries Around the World Notebook

Wednesday- Chrome Book Day

                       Fossils Video and Quiz

Thursday- Countries Around the World Notebook

Friday- Geography Booklet


February 22-26


              How do vaccines Work? 

               Google ClassroomnAssignment

Tuesday -Test Chapter 6

                 Vocabulary Boxes Chapter 7

Wednesday- Chrome Books

                      Complete Missing AMI assignments from last week




February 15-19


                Go outside & Build a Snowman!!!!!

Tuesday- How are Snowflakes Made?

                (Video and Quiz on Google Classroom)

Wednesday- Mystery Doug

                     Why are Baby Animals so Cute?

                     (On Google Classroom)

Thursday- How Do Icicles Form?

                 Video and Quiz on Google Classroom

Friday- Snow Day Writing Activity

             This is on Google Classroom.  If you can not print it, please do the                              assignment on notebook paper.



February 8-12

Monday - Behavior of Bees

Tuesday – Weather Safety

Wednesday – Chapter 6 Review

Thursday – Countries Around the World

Friday –  Valentine’s Day Activities


February 1-5

Monday- Science

                Behavior of Ants

Tuesday- What is Spring? What is Summer?

Wednesday- Migrate & Hibernate

Thursday- Social Studies

                  Locating Oceans & Continents

Friday- Social Studies

             What are Taxes?

January 25-29

Monday- Science Study Guide

                 Chapter 5

Tuesday- Science Test -Chapter 5

                 Vocabulary Boxes – Chapter 6

Wednesday- Weather

                     Text Pages 174-177


Thursday- Social  Studies

                  Text pages 108-109

                   Workbook Pages 27-28

Friday- Water Cycle

               Text Pages 178-179


                Draw the Water Cycle

January 18-22


Tuesday- Weathering and Erosion

                 P. 152-153


Wednesday- Protect the Earth

                     Pages 154-157

Thursday-Social Studies- Working Together

                 Text Page  97-103

                  Workbook P. 25-26

Friday- Science- Refuge and Chapter Review

             Text Pages 158-159 Refuge

              Video: Refuge

              Text Pages 164-165 Chapter Review