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Reading Assignments & Supplies

Reading Assignments & Supplies

·Students need the following supplies each day:  reading log (pocket folder with brads), wide ruled notebook paper, pencil with eraser, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, novel, and an Accelerated Reading book.

·Novel chapter assignments will be completed in Google Classroom.  Novel chapter assignments consist of vocabulary word maps, comprehension questions, and various novel paragraph responses. Each student has a copy of vocabulary word map, comprehension questions, and novel paragraph response procedures located in his or her reading log to use as reference for novel assignments. Novel chapter assignments may be completed manually on paper if a student is absent and does not have access to a computer and/or an Internet connection at home or the school experiences Internet and/or technical difficulties. Paper assignments must include student name, date, chapter number, and must be written neatly.

  • Vocabulary Word Maps are worth up to two points each based upon accurate completion of each section of the word map.
  • Comprehension Questions are worth up to three points each based upon accurate and complete responses.  Students must restate the question in their written response, write responses as complete sentences, write specific details and include explanations and/or examples as required.
  • Paragraph Responses are worth up to five points each based upon accuracy of response which includes a well-constructed topic sentence, specific and accurate details, examples, explanations, and a concluding sentence   

·Vocabulary Quizzes will be administered as a paper and pencil test that will be completed at school.  Students have vocabulary lists in their reading logs to study in preparation for each of the vocabulary quizzes. 

·Reading Skills Review assignments will be completed in class using Smart Board.

·ReadWorks assignments and Greek and Latin Roots assignments will be completed in Google Classroom.  If a student is absent and/or does not have access to a computer or Internet connection, then these assignments will be completed in class upon return to school.