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Reading Supplies and Procedures

  • Students need the following supplies each day:  reading log (pocket folder with brads), wide ruled notebook paper, pencil with eraser, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, and an Accelerated Reading book.
  • ReadWorks and Google Classroom activities are completed and submitted in class.
  • Reading log assignments consist of vocabulary word maps, summaries, and various novel response activities.  Reading log assignments are due the next class day which gives both students and parents an opportunity to review and proofread assignments before I record a score.  Each student has a copy of vocabulary word map, summary, and novel response procedures located in his or her reading log.
  • Novel tests are given periodically after completion of several chapters.  Students are given study guides for each of the novel tests to place in their reading log on the day we begin a new novel.  Students will be tested on both the vocabulary words and the reading comprehension questions as noted on the study guide for each section of the novel.