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Mrs. Myers' 4th grade Language



Welcome to 4th Grade Language

We will be working on fun projects this year in Language. 

We will keep a Journal and have a Journal entry each day. They will be able to come to the front and read their stories to the class.   We will work to improve our cursive writing in our Journals.                                      

We will have a spelling test each Friday, the list will be passed out on Monday.  We will do various activities with our spelling words throughout the week.

We will have a DLR (Daily Language Reading) sheet each day. This will be passed out on Monday and will stay in their folder to be turned in on Friday. This will help with the Reading and Language Skills.  This will be worth 25 points per week.  

We have Computer Lab each Thursday.  We will have Study Hall after Computer Lab. This will be AR Reading time, working on class work, or make up work.

We will watch School House Rock Language Videos on parts of speech.

Starting the week of  January 8th, we will have 5 minute word challege.  The students will see how many words they can make with a word or phrase.  The one getting the most words will get to choose the word or phrase for the following school day.  


We are still working on using the right word.  (they’re, there, thier), two,too, to), (your, you’re), etc.  Any chance you have at home please have them review these.  


We have been working on our editing skill with our Journal Writing.  We write our story and the next day use dictionaries, work with partners, and revise to see how we can make our writing (focusing on Topic Sentence) stronger.


For the remainder of the school year, we will be working in our Journals, reviewing Parts of Speech, our 5 Minute word Challenge, and doing various Group Projects. (such as designing a paper airplane and then flying it, our own Inventions, etc.)

I have really enjoyed the sstudents this year!!!

Carolyn Myers

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