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Daily Schedule & Lesson Plans

Christy Crouch

8th Grade Science

7 & 8 Music Wheel

Jr & Sr Choir

Lesson Plans for April 19-May 19, 2021

Christine Crouch

Perryville High School


8th Grade Science:  We will be exploring Gravity, Friction and Newton's Laws.  Students will participate using reading packets, worksheets, graphs, charts, puzzles, games, videos, study guides and assessments.  


7th & 8th Grade Music Wheel:  Students will be introduced to different instruments,how sound is produced on each instrument and the history of some of the instruments.  We will also listen to folk music and folk instruments and observe folk dancing by way of video.


Junior and Senior High Choir:  Students are preparing for their end of season concerts on May 4 for the Senior High and May 18 for the Junior High. Both concerts will start at 7 PM in the high school cafeteria.  We will be singing some favorites as well as learning new pieces.  


Period    Class                            Location

1st    8th grade Science         RM 124

2nd    Senior High Choir      Choir Room

3rd    7th Grade Music         Choir Room

4th    8th grade Music           Choir Room

5th    Junior High Choir          Choir Room 

6th    8th Grade Science     RM 124

7th    PREP  

8th    8th Grade Science     RM 124

Christine Crouch

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