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PES is collecting empty inkjet and laser cartridges retired cell phones, ipods, MP3 players, GPS devices, and digital cameras. These items will ALL be recycled thru FundingFactory. For some of these items the school will receive money. But ALL items are guaranteed not to end up in a landfill! So please send these used items with a student or come by the office & drop them off!

The elementary school is collecting Box Tops for Education, Big Star Receipts, and Labels for Education (Soup UPS). There are about 2,500 items with Labels for Education on them besides Campbell's Soup! So check your labels before you throw it away!

The school also has an account set up with If you collect points with Coke products, you can donate to the elementary school.

If you have a Target credit card, you can go online and get a percentage of what you charge donated to the school.

Please help us collect these items. They REALLY do help! The class that collects the most every quarter receives a movie in the cafeteria with drink and popcorn!

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