Kate Cole

WEEK OF October 16-20

Assignments are subject to change due to class progression and/or disruptions. Thank you!!

Assignments for Algebra II

Mon:   p.p. 141, 13,16,18

Tues:  WB

Wed:  19-24, p.141

Thurs: finish up all systems

Fri: Test, 3.1

Assignments for Pre-AP Algebra II

Mon:  8-19, , 3.4

Tues: 3-5, p. 171; review for test

Wed: Test, 3.2,3.3,3.4

Thurs:  2-11, p.175

Fri: WB, beginning matrices

Assignments for Algebra I

Mon: WB, finish up 3.3

Tues:p. 181, 1-7, 18-22 for review

Wed: Test, 3.1, 3.3

Thurs:arimetic seq. and series, p.189-194

Fri: Vocab and Vocab check, p. 203






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