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K-12 Culinary Connection is proud to announce our first ever “Student Chef Showdown”.  This will be a 2-stage competition with the chance for top finishers to win a scholarship package to Pulaski Tech Culinary Institute, located in Little Rock.  This contest is open to all students, grades 9-12, at any of the K-12 Culinary districts.  The goal is for students who may be interested in pursuing a career in culinary to showcase their passion for cooking and gain exposure to career and higher learning opportunities.


Stage 1 of the contest will be held at the respective school and will be judged by the K-12 Regional Director, and two volunteers from the school, such as the Principal and Family and Consumer Science teacher, for example.  The students will be given a list of ingredients that must be included in their dish, and should write a recipe to be judged as well.  One winner from each site will move on to the regional round.  All in school competition must be done by December 15, 2017.


Stage two of the contest will consist of the top 6 performers from the first stage, and will be selected by Chef Justin and Chef Matt.  The respective Chefs will work with their team of 3 students to create a competition dish that they will cook in a head to head elimination challenge. The Grand Finale will be in March of 2018, and students will be competing for prize packages that will include scholarships for top finishers.  Dishes will be judged on creativity, taste, and presentation, in both stages of the contest.  Good luck, and may the best future chef win!

Perryville School District now has an App!  It is called School Door.  It’s free from either Google Play for your Android device or the Apps store for Apple devices!  Click the links to learn more!

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