Karen Brazil


Mrs. Brazil’s Language  Class !!!

JANUARY 15 – 19


         Language                                  Spelling


AR started January 8 – February 16

READ    READ   READ   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students will write in their journals everyday !!!!


Monday:   Opinion Writing / Snowman            

Tuesday:  Winter Poem

Computer Lab

Wednesday:  Snowman Writing Activity./ Compound words

Thursday:  Snowman Sentences

**** Spelling TEST !!!!!   

Friday: How to writing …..





Spelling Words:

gold, cold, old, told,how, know, snow, little, because, went

Bonus Word:



I went to the old bus.

Do you like the little snowman?


Monday :  Spelling words  3 times each

Tuesday: Rainbow Writing

Wednesday: Spelling sentences

Thursday: TEST

Friday: ABC Order














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