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Coach Wilson: Civics/Economics

AMI Assignment:

3-16/3-20:   2 Articles

3-30/4-3:     2 Articles

4-6/4-10:     2 Articles

4-13/4-17:   2 Articles

4-20/4-24:   1 Article/ Debt Snowball Paragraph

4-27/5-1:     1 Article/  Compounding Interest Paragraph

5-4/5-8:       AMI Make-Up Work

5-11/5-15:   AMI Make-Up Work

Students must complete two current event news articles a week. These news stories can be from the television, radio, magazine or any other news source. 

Name: _____________________     Date: _____________                            Period: ______

Personal Finance/Economics- CURRENT EVENTS WORKSHEET

Directions: Find a news event related to the economy/personal finance. Read/watch the article/headline and fill out the statements or answer the questions below.   

Topic of Article/Headline: __________________________________

Source: ______________________________________

WHO is this article about? ____________________________________________________________

WHAT is this story about?  List two important facts from your article/headline story.

1.  _________________________________________________________________________________

2.  _________________________________________________________________________________

WHEN did this story take place? _________________________________________________________

WHERE is this event or issue occurring? (Specify city, country, region, etc.)________________________

WHY is this story important? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Remember to complete 1 news events for each week)

Assignment 1: Current Events Article

Assignment 2: Debt Snowball

Write 2 paragraphs explaining the debt snowball method.  Explain what it is and what is the best way to implement this method.  In your opinion is the debt snowball method a good technique to help eliminate debt?


Assignment 1: Complete 1 Current Event Article

Assignment 2:  Compounding Interest

Write 2 paragraphs explaining the power of compounding interest.  What is compounding interest?  How does it work? Is it better to start saving earlier or later to accrue compounding interest?  


AMI Make-UP Work 


AMI Make-Up Work

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