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Trafford -- Pre - AP US History

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Week of November 23, 2020

NO SCHOOL – Happy Thanksgiving




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Week of November 2, 2020

Mon – Wed – – Alamo

Thurs- Ch 10 “The Nation Splits Apart”; hwk: Voc/Qz Sec 1

Fri – Biography Docs “Brady; Barton; Watie”


Week of November 16, 2020

Monday – No School

Tuesday – Antebellum time 

Wed – “John Brown”

Thursday – “John Brown”

Friday – Digital Day




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Week of Oct 26, 2020


Tues – “Frontiersmen” Documentary

Wed – “Why Did Texas Declare Independence?” Documents

Thurs – Digital Day “Why Did Texas Declare Independence?” 

Fri – “Alamo”



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Week of Oct 19, 2020

Monday – Digital Day – complete notes Sec 3 & 4 Ch 6

Tues – Test Prep & Study Guide

Wed – Maps Western Expansion & CH 6 Test Prep (Study for Test

Thurs – Test Ch 6 ;   Study Map for Quiz;    Notes Ch 9 “Manifest Destiny” p.301 & 307

Fri –  Map quiz;   Sec 2 “Texas Independence”

Week of Oct 12, 2020

Mon – Digital Day – Complete Salem Witch Trials

Tues – Notes Ch 6 Sec 1

Wed – Discussion

Thurs – Discussion

Fri – Notes Ch 6 Sec 2



Week of Oct 5, 2020

Mon – What did the Great Awakening Awaken?  --Thesis & Outline Points

Tues-Friday – “What caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692” 

Analyze documents, one-pager, thesis, & Outline




Week of Sept 28, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wedndesday Thursday Friday
Comparison “Slavery/Indentured Servitude” -Due Wed What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Comparison Due

What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Thesis; Outline Great Awakening

Intro “What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria?”

Documents “What Caused?












Week of Sept 21, 2020








Monday – Friday  Constitution Week Activiites 



Week of Sept 14, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Jamestowne’s Dark Winter

Digital Day----”Travel Advertisement Colonial Regions”


Parent/Teacher Conference

Discussion   ”Colonies”

Work on Project


Complete Project for Presentation

Complete Perusall

Present Project




Week of Sept 7, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





Map Skills -13 Colonies

Complete Study Guide-Test Fri


Map Skills-13 Colonies



Map Skills-13 colonies




Test Ch 1

Map Due-13 Colonies

Remembering 9/11



Week of Aug 31, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Map Skills-Landforms (map and quiz on Friday)

Brainstorm Writing Prompt/ Due Fri-Prewriting ideas

Due: Ch 1 Sec 1 Notes

Work in Perusall-Due Fri



Map Skills -Landforms

Work in Perusall

Work on Notes Ch 1 Sec 2

Map Skills-Landforms

HIPPO Documents

Map Skills-Landforms

Discussion Ch 1


Hwk:Complete Notes


Map Quiz

Map Due

due: Prewriting ideas

Work on Speech



August 24, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Map Skills

Speech -Rough Draft due Sept 8



Map Skills

”Find It in the Book”

Begin Outline Notes Ch 1 Sec 1



Map Skills





Map Skills




Map Quiz

Chapter One discussion

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