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Trafford -- Honors US History

  Aristotle writes in the Nicomachean Ethics that friendship is essential to human happiness, but only the best kind of friendship. It must be characterized by a shared love for the highest things—in the mind, truth; in the heart, virtue.




All assignments are in Google Classroom






























































Week of Jan 24, 2022

Mon-Fri – Novel Dead Wake with reading questions

Tues – Analyzing documents and Thesis (Due Fri)






















Week of Jan 10


Notes & Study Guide

Test – Thurs

Complete intro paragraph – Due Fri

Court Case “Plessy v Ferguson” 

Fri – Martin Luther King Jr.: The Authentic Legacy  









Week of Jan 3,2022

Notes “Expansion of American Industry”

”Captains of Industry or Robber Barons?”-Due Fri

”Haymarket Square” -Due Fri

”The Philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie”















lways a Mustang!”   2021-2022 

Mon – Documentary

Tues – Analyze Documents

Wed – Air Guard

Thurs – Fri – Analyze Documents “Civil War”
















Week of Nov 15, 2021

Readings & Ilustrations “Expansion Leads to Conflict”

Present --Friday







Week of November 8, 2021

Mon – U S Expansion and Manifest Destiny

Tues – Taking Chance/ Hwk: Complete Essay

Wed – Essay Due;  Veteran’s Day Assembly

Thurs-Fri – Honoring & Remembering Veterans




Week of November 1, 2021

Mon-Tues – Work on DBQ

Wed – Rough draft due; Study Guide

Thur – Research Expansionism

Fri – Test; continue research




Week of Oct 25, 2021

Mon-Tues – Analyze Documents 

Wed – Construct thesis

Thur -Prewrite

Fri – Rough draft due





Week of Oct 18, 2021

Mon – No School

Tues – Present Court Cases

Wed – Quiz Terms Ch 6 / Notes

Thur – “Andrew Jackson Fame or Shame”

Fri – Fame or Shame; Hwk: MO Compromise



Week of Oct 11, 2021

Mon – Research “Marshall Court Rulings”

Tues – Continue research

Wed – Terms Quiz Ch 5  

Thur – PSAT / Prepare for presentation of research

Fri – Present Research 






Week of Oct 4, 2021

Early 1800s through analyzing documents

Tues – Review for test

Wed – Test







Week of Sept 27, 2021

Early Gov – Ratification

Hwk:  Mon – “Common Sense” – Due Wed

          Tues- SAQ “New Democracy” – due Wed

          Wed-  Quiz Ch 3 Terms

          Thur- Venn Diagram “Federalists & Antifederalists”  --write intro paragraph due Monday

          Fri – Compare “Washington – Jefferson”





Week of Sept 20, 2021

Discussion events leading up to the American Revolution w/notes

Guided notes on American Revolution

Wed – Analyze documents and thesis practice

Thurs- Continue notes & Discussion

Fri – “Taking Liberties” Documentary w/questions



Week of Sept 13, 2021

Analyze Documents

Paragraphs due Thurs

Quiz -Terms on Thurs

Constitution Day Activities 




Week of Sept 6, 2021

Activities surrounding Sept 11, 2001





Week of Aug 30,2021

Research 13 Colonies, maps, and quiz





Week of Aug 23, 2021

Monday –

Practice HIPPO for primary and secondary sources 

(Columbus Practice) &

(Doc 1-3)

Hwk:  Study Terms for Ch 1 (in folder) for quiz on Thurs


 Due “What’s in a Name? Aug 27


Discussion of Documents 1-3

Continue with Documents 4-7

Hwk:  Study Terms for Ch 1 (in folder) for quiz on Thurs


 Due “What’s in a Name? Aug 27

Wednesday --

Discussion of Documents 4-7

Work Time on “Name Project”

Hwk:  Study Terms for Ch 1 (in folder) for quiz on Thurs


 Due “What’s in a Name? Aug 27

Thursday --

Quiz on Ch 1 Terms

Work time on project

Friday –

Present project




Week of Aug 16, 2021

Mon – Classroom rules, books, point of view exercise  Hwk: Read “Atlantic World”

Tues- “What’s in a name?” -Due Aug 24; Intro into Historical Thinking Skills

Wed – Continue with HTS

Thurs- “First Americans” -teacher discussion

Fri – History Detective exercise
























































Week of April 19, 2021

Mon – Digitial Day Ch 27 “New Frontier” 

Tues – Notes Sec 1 & 2

Wed – Test Prep and Review

Thurs – Notes Sec 3

Fri – Documentary “Cuban Missile Crisis”


Week of April 12, 2021

Mon – State Testing

Tues – Ch 25 “Cold War to the Present” PPT Hwk: Voc

Wed – State Testing

Thurs – Continue notes ; Hwk “Airlift”

Fri – State Testing









Week of March 29, 2021

Mon – Fri – Ch 23 WWII




















Week of March 1, 2021

Mon – Map Skills

Tues – Thurs – Ch 18 discussion & Notes

Friday – Work in textbook






Week of February 22, 2021

Monday & Tues – Virtual – Complete assignments—Refer to Google Classroom

Wed – Friday – Continue study on the American West










Week of February 15, 2021      **All work found in Google Classroom 

Mon – No School

Tues – Read and answer questions on “Chinese Railroad Workers”

Wed – Read and answer questions on “Cowboys”

Thurs – Read and answer question on “African Americans”

Fri – Read and answer questions on “Women & Children” and “Native Americans”







Week of February 8, 2021

Mon -Westward Notes

Tues – Notes & p. 448 #1

Wed – Fri --West Activities “Pack Your Wagon” and “Cattle Drive”





Week of Feb 1, 2021

Monday – Review Ch 14 p.484-485 (#1-18)

Tues-Wed --Open Book test

Thurs-Friday --Map Skills









Week of Jan 18, 2021

Monday – No school

Tuesday – Friday – Ch 14 Sec 1 & 2  Read and answer questions (p.463 #1-2 & p.471 #1-4)






Week of Jan 11, 2021

Monday – State Capitals (test Fri); “Battle of Gettysburg” DBQ

Tuesday – Reconstruction (read & complete); Finish documents DBQ; practice capitals

Wednesday – Map skill/Ark; Complete “Reconstruction & Effects” using Google Classroom; Practice capitals

Thursday – Thesis Construction; finish “Reconstruction & Effects”; Reading Maps & map skills

Friday – Test Capitals; Map skills-Review work 









Week of Nov 30, 2020

Discussion Civil War ppt

Wkst: Battle of Shiloh 

Study Guide --test Thursday (Dec 10)









Week of November 23, 2020

NO SCHOOL – Happy Thanksgiving






Google Classroom Click Here

Week of November 2, 2020

Mon – Wed – – Alamo

Thurs- Ch 10 “The Nation Splits Apart”; hwk: Voc/Qz Sec 1

Fri – Biography Docs “Brady; Barton; Watie”


Week of November 16, 2020

Monday – No School

Tuesday – Antebellum time 

Wed – “John Brown”

Thursday – “John Brown”

Friday – Digital Day





Week of Oct 26, 2020


Tues – “Frontiersmen” Documentary

Wed – “Why Did Texas Declare Independence?” Documents

Thurs – Digital Day “Why Did Texas Declare Independence?” 

Fri – “Alamo”




Week of Oct 19, 2020

Monday – Digital Day – complete notes Sec 3 & 4 Ch 6

Tues – Test Prep & Study Guide

Wed – Maps Western Expansion & CH 6 Test Prep (Study for Test

Thurs – Test Ch 6 ;   Study Map for Quiz;    Notes Ch 9 “Manifest Destiny” p.301 & 307

Fri –  Map quiz;   Sec 2 “Texas Independence”

Week of Oct 12, 2020

Mon – Digital Day – Complete Salem Witch Trials

Tues – Notes Ch 6 Sec 1

Wed – Discussion

Thurs – Discussion

Fri – Notes Ch 6 Sec 2



Week of Oct 5, 2020

Mon – What did the Great Awakening Awaken?  --Thesis & Outline Points

Tues-Friday – “What caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692” 

Analyze documents, one-pager, thesis, & Outline




Week of Sept 28, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wedndesday Thursday Friday
Comparison “Slavery/Indentured Servitude” -Due Wed What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Comparison Due

What did the Great Awakening Awaken?

Thesis; Outline Great Awakening

Intro “What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria?”

Documents “What Caused?












Week of Sept 21, 2020








Monday – Friday  Constitution Week Activiites 



Week of Sept 14, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Jamestowne’s Dark Winter

Digital Day----”Travel Advertisement Colonial Regions”


Parent/Teacher Conference

Discussion   ”Colonies”

Work on Project


Complete Project for Presentation

Complete Perusall

Present Project




Week of Sept 7, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





Map Skills -13 Colonies

Complete Study Guide-Test Fri


Map Skills-13 Colonies



Map Skills-13 colonies




Test Ch 1

Map Due-13 Colonies

Remembering 9/11



Week of Aug 31, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Map Skills-Landforms (map and quiz on Friday)

Brainstorm Writing Prompt/ Due Fri-Prewriting ideas

Due: Ch 1 Sec 1 Notes

Work in Perusall-Due Fri



Map Skills -Landforms

Work in Perusall

Work on Notes Ch 1 Sec 2

Map Skills-Landforms

HIPPO Documents

Map Skills-Landforms

Discussion Ch 1


Hwk:Complete Notes


Map Quiz

Map Due

due: Prewriting ideas

Work on Speech



August 24, 2020

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Map Skills

Speech -Rough Draft due Sept 8



Map Skills

”Find It in the Book”

Begin Outline Notes Ch 1 Sec 1



Map Skills





Map Skills




Map Quiz

Chapter One discussion

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