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Reading Lesson Plans September 17-21, 2018



Novel:  Tuck Everlasting 

Students will complete a Plot Map of the novel (Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution)



Novel:  Tuck Everlasting

Quiz:  Chapters 18-25

     Chrome Books:  Readwork Assigments



Novel:  Tuck Everlasting by Natailie Babbit

Final Test  (Multiple-choice and Vocabulary)

Writing Assignment:  Winnie’s character changed after she met the Tucks.  How did she change?



Novel:  Tuck Everlasting

Complete Writing Assignment (The students will analyze the main character and compare how she changed from the beginning of the novel to the end of the novel.)  



Novel:  Tuck Everlasting

Movie:  Students will watch the movie and compare the similarities and differences to the novel.

Chrome Books:  ReadWork Assignments